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In an industry where technology is constantly changing at a rapid rate, it becomes more challenging to stay in tune with the latest technology.  As industry leaders, it is vital that we share our ideas and perspective with peers and colleagues.


An important purpose of the Technology Convergence Conference is to provide high-quality educational sessions for IT Professionals, Facilities Professionals, Data Center Professionals, Chief Information and Technology Officers, Building Operators and anyone involved with the design, planning and project management of a buildings’ facilities infrastructure.

As a presenter, you will interact with an appreciative audience of IT and Facilities professionals who will apply your insights to meet their daily technology and facilities challenges.  Your firm will also have a significant presence as well as name recognition.


  • Gain exposure to over 20,000 IT, Facilities, and Data Center professionals from e-mail campaigns and other marketing promotions.

  • Significant presence as well as name recognition on the event web site and
    banner displays. The web site averages over 2,000 per event.

  • Interact with over 400 IT and Facilities professionals who will apply your insights to meet their daily technology and facilities challenges.

  • Cost-effective local event that is held in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“I had over 100 IT and Facilities professionals attend my session. It was a great opportunity to
share my knowledge about Data Centers and be in front of new prospective clients.”

~ Joe Hamilton, Cornish & Carey


  • Green Strategies For Data Centers/Facilities
  • Alternative Energy for Data Centers
  • Building Management Systems
  • Power System and Power Management for Data Centers
  • Cooling Systems and Cooling Strategies for Data Centers
  • Data Center Construction Management
  • Technology Convergence
  • Security Access Controls and Video Surveillance
  • Wireless
  • VoIP
  • Virtualization
  • Next Generation Audiovisual
  • Data Center Facility Management
  • New Cabling Solutions
  • IT and Facilities Strategic Planning
  • Network Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Documentation for Technology Projects
  • Data Center Asset Management
  • IT Relocation


  • Educational sessions may be conducted in either a lecture (single presenter) or a panel (multiple presenters) format. If the panel format is selected, the panel should be limited to a maximum of four participants, including the moderator.

  • The instructional methods used during the session should provide opportunities for participants to be actively involved and interact with the material, presenters, as well as other participants, where appropriate.

  • All presenters must provide clear and concise written statements of intended learning outcomes or objectives for each session. These statements should reflect what the participants will achieve by the end of this session.

  • The presentation should include handouts for participants to supplement the learning experience. The presenter should submit presentation handouts by Friday, December 19, 2008 for TELADATA’s approval.

  • TELADATA will provide each room with a laptop, head table, podium and microphone. The audience seating will be arranged in a theater fashion (multiple rows of chairs). Any additional audiovisual (AV) requirements should be acknowledged in the 2009 Presentation form.

  • All presenters and panelists are expected to demonstrate high standards of professional conduct. Discrimination against participants on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability will not be tolerated.

“I found this conference to be very useful in helping me to gain a greater understanding of
common challenges, as well as available cutting edge solutions. I would highly recommend this
conference to Facility or IT leadership involved in any level of IT/Server Room support.”

~ Gordon Zagar, Director of Facilities


Presenters selected to speak at the Technology Convergence Conference will not be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in developing content or materials for their presentation. Selected presenters will receive one complimentary nontransferable regular Convention registration


You can submit your presentation via email to Maricel Cerruti at mcerruti@teladata.com. An individual may submit a maximum of three (3) proposals for consideration.

Before submitting your presentation, please make sure that you meet all the
criteria above and that you have all the required information necessary to
complete the 2009 Presentation Form.
Below is a list of the information required to complete this form:

  1. Presentation Title and a General Description
  2. Include the learning objectives that the participants will accomplish by the end of the session.
  3. Identify the presenter/panelist, including information detaining their background and qualifications relevant to the presentation.
  4. Disclose any commercial interest that the presenter or any of the panelists may have in any product, instrument, devise, service or materials discussed during the proposed session.
  5. Include a brief biography (500 word) for the presenter that could be used in the promotional materials.
  6. Provide samples of handouts, case studies or any other materials that will be made available to the participants.
  7. Identify any audiovisual or set up requirements for the educational session.


Submission of a presentation does not guarantee inclusion in the Convention.
Presentations and presenters must meet or exceed the criteria listed above. All
presentation proposals will also be reviewed by TELADATA.


Deadline for submission of all presentations is 5:00pm PST Friday, October 31, 2008. Any submissions received after this time will be considered at the sole discretion of TELADATA.


Those who submitted a presentation will be notified whether or not their presentation was accepted by e-mail on or before 5:00pm PST Friday, November 21, 2008.


If you have a great topic in mind, but don’t feel you meet the requirements to speak about it, let us know. Gather your thoughts, including important details and e-mail them to Maricel Cerruti, Director of Marketing and Business Development at mcerruti@teladata.com.


If you have any questions concerning the 2009 Call for Presenters or the Technology Convergence Conference, please contact Maricel Cerruti at mcerruti@teladata.com.


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