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What Past Attendees Are Saying...
  • "One of the best conferences I've been to! It was a great use of my time."
    CEO, Shore & Associates
  • "I definitely would attend another conference from TELADATA. The event had a good mix of topics & speakers. It was exceptionally well-presented and organized. Thank you!"
    IT Manager, Symantec
  • "The TCC is one of the rare occasions to participate in an event that is truly about the user."
    Pascal Finette, Director of Open Innovation Group, Mozilla
  • "Unlike many symposiums the TCC offers a unique opportunity to not only here from the experts on the latest technologies but also provides a forum to meet, interact, and discuss real operational questions and issues with your local peer group from many of the biggest names in the industry."
    Jerry Green, Solutions Design Manager at Cisco

2013 Opening Keynote

Philip Ross
9:10 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.
Topic: Emerging Technologies and the Future Workplace

Keynote Speaker: Philip Ross, CEO of UNWIRED and UnWork.com

Philip will look at how new and emerging technology will change real estate from dumb container to real time asset, connecting not just inanimate objects but the people who come to work. The future workplace will no longer house headcount but become a place for people and activities, shaped around the real work that needs to be done. Real Time Real Estate (RETRE) space is smaller, more dynamic and thinner, responding to the migration of technology and software to the cloud. Philip will predict that RETRE space will become a variable cost, and paint a vision of the future, illustrated with examples of early adopters of workplace innovation from around the globe.

Track A: Data Center Case Studies

Kyle Brown

Jim Allen

Kevin Barney
10:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.
Presentation Topic: Tackling Legacy Data Center Challenges

Kyle Brown, Technical Documentation Manager, TELADATA
Panelist: Jim Allen, Vice President of Information Technology, Protective Life Insurance
Panelist: Kevin Barney, Data Center Manager, University of California, San Francisco

Every day there are millions of operational data centers slowly aging and becoming more outdated by the minute. Keeping these facilities running in an ever changing environment can be a challenging task. Upgrading these systems while maintaining business operations, can seem like a near impossible task.

This group panel discussion focuses on the daunting challenge of maintaining operations while upgrading your data center and IT Infrastructure in a live environment without disruption to normal business applications. It includes two IT professionals who have met this problem head on in their own unique organizations, Kevin Barney at UCSF and Jim Allen at Protective Life Insurance. Moderator Kyle Brown of Teladata will be leading the discussion on topics such as working with divergent IT user groups, gaining corporate funding and buy in for upgrades, identifying key stakeholders, and long range planning.

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Jeff Routledge

Calvin Nicholson
11:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.
Presentation Topic: Managing Power in a Hyper-Growth Environment: How Box, the Fastest Growing SaaS Company in History, Manages Their Data Center Environment

Jeff Routledge, Director of Data Center Operations, Box
Speaker: Calvin Nicholson, Senior Director of Software and Firmware, Server Technology

Securely sharing, accessing and collaborating on important content anywhere, anytime, from any device: That's what Box is all about. This case study will highlight how Box manages power in a “hypergrowth” environment, and how Server Technology helps Box achieve their objectives and solve problems with power management products and solutions. Box, a software as a service/content sharing company based in Los Altos, CA, with over 10 million customers, continues to experience incredible growth. With this growth – to manage customers, employees and contacts – comes huge IT challenges. Box’s data center power challenges include Scalability, Power usage (overall usage up to the data center level, to the outlet level), Efficiency (From a power management and cost perspective, and from a power monitoring perspective - trending power over time, determining usage and allocation strategies), Capacity (managing to know when to add more servers, more racks and when to go to the next data center), Remote management/access (On/off/reboot capabilities in a “lights out” facility), Testing facility/management for remote deployment capabilities. Box has multiple data centers – two in the Bay Area and one in Las Vegas – which they needed to manage easily from an individual perspective and from an overall hierarchical perspectives.
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Michael Donahue
1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Schneider Electric
Presentation Topic:
From RACK to CRAC: The latest in Data Center Cooling Trends

Michael Donahue, Cooling Business Development Manager, Western North America, Schneider Electric

Join Mike Donahue from Schneider Electric in discussing the most key trends impacting the temperature of your data center and the many methods, practices and regulations in place to keep at the optimum level. We will explore free cooling, economizers, practices in higher temperature operations, the role that geography plays and updates in regulations. If cooling your data center is on your mind - this is the session you won't want to miss.
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John Markley

Walt Otis
1:40 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Presentation Topic: There is Hope! How to Extend the Life of your Existing Data Center

John Markley, Manager, Global Data Center Operations, Robert Half International
Speaker: Walt Otis, Manager North American Data Center Operation, Robert Half International

A large percentage of today’s small to medium sized data centers were designed and put in service 10-15 years ago. As your business grows and your data center demands grow with them, what choices do you have to accommodate those growth challenges? Depending on your IT/Facility budget, you can either expand your data center footprint (provided you have the floor space), relocate to a new facility (Co-Lo or your own new space) or figure out ways to stay within the space you have and make improvements to your mechanical and IT infrastructure. This was our challenge, and here is what we decided to do…
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Joseph Keena

Robin Stringfellow
2:35 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Shands HealthCare Achieved Asset Tracking Efficiency

Speaker: Joseph Keena, Manager of Data Center Operations, Shands HealthCare
Speaker: Robin Stringfellow, IS Senior Data Center Analyst, Shands HealthCare

This presentation will cover the challenges Shands HealthCare faced in managing and tracking data center IT assets across multiple data centers.. Shands was looking for a way in which track data center assets, specifically identifying the exact location of every server, UPS, and device. The solution also needed to support additional data such as end point tracking. The traditional method of tracking, using Excel spreadsheets and Visio floor plans and vertical layouts, was not flexible enough to support their multiple data center ever changing needs. Additionally, the Shands HealthCare IT team wanted to improve the energy efficiency within the data centers. Attendees will learn how Shands selected DCIM solution and how this solution would help them meet their initial goals of accurately identifying assets and capacity today, as well as how it can be extended to meet their future goals.
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Pat Lynch

Bruce Whetstone

Lane Patterson

3:30 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Emerging Trends of "Active-Active" Data Centers

Pat Lynch, Managing Director, CBRE
Panelist: Bruce Whetstone, IT Management Consultant, Taos Inc.
Panelist: Lane Patterson, CTO, Equinix

Gain insight on the move towards "Active-Active" data center strategy and the resulting impacts to data center site selection and related activities. Listen to Data Center Operators who are moving towards an IT design built around application resiliency and replication vs. the traditional disaster recovery design. This is a significant change that will clearly impact supply and demand in data center markets across the globe. The panel discussion will address this trend by talking about: what it is, why companies are moving to this strategy, and how companies are finding a solution in this approach.
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Track B: Trending Industry Topics

Colin Mayne

Willem Cilliers
10:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.
Presentation Topic: To Cloud, or Not to Cloud? That is the Question.

Colin Mayne, Senior Architect and IT Management Consultant
Speaker: Willem Cilliers, Freelance Architect and IT Consultant

Clearly running applications and services in the Cloud is a very cost effective solution, but we have seen companies try to move this direction too quickly or without impact assessment and fail. Companies have tried to put everything in the Cloud and now gone back to running data centers, applications and infrastructure themselves. The companies that have been very successful at doing Cloud implementations have done the assessment and migrated applications and solutions available in a phased approach. So what it really come down to, is the question and timing of what to utilize in the Cloud and when. Not everything can be done within the cloud, particularly home grown applications within companies that interface with other business applications within the company. A phased hybrid approach to get from where companies are today to where they want to be in the Cloud, has seen to be the most successful way to implement Cloud services.
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David Shroyer

Greg Bush

Matthew Zeier
11:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.
Presentation Topic: Navigating the DCIM Space: End-User Panel Discussion

David Shroyer, Senior Critical Facilities Manager, Citrix
Greg Bush, Senior Manager Real Estate and Facilities at Sybase, Inc.
Matthew Zeier, Director of IT Operations at Mozilla

DCIM: What is it and how can it play an important role with your internal and external Teams? Is it the end all complete solution for your company? What keeps you up at night even though you have a DCIM system? These are some key questions that we will go over during this session. We look forward to seeing you there to work through the answers.
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1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Raritan
Presentation Topic:
Minimizing the Hidden Costs of Managing IT Racks

Jawahar Swaminathan, Director, Energy Management Solutions, Raritan

You’ve built out your data center, installed cooling systems, run power feeds and filled your racks with IT equipment. But have you thought about the ongoing costs of managing or upgrading those racks? What about the costs to configure your iPDUs? How about the costs associated with Ethernet drops? Join Raritan in a discussion about how, with the right planning and solutions, you can minimize the many hidden costs.
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Jason Weckworth
1:40 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Presentation Topic: The Death of the Retail, Multi-tenant Colocation Data Center?

Jason Weckworth, Vice President of Data Center Operations, RagingWire

Given the recession, strong adoption of cloud, SaaS, and other outsourced IT models, how do multi-tenant colocation data centers evolve and maintain their status as critical elements in the IT supply chain over the next five to ten years? In the next five years, what are some of the changes in the industry and regulatory agencies, and how will those changes affect the risk of IT downtime, data center efficiencies, and data floor environmental conditions? To address the availability risk, we design and build highly available, highly efficient, hybrid, multi-tier data centers around a design philosophy of "fix one, break one, concurrent with a utility outage." Having direct access to the cloud in the same offering envelope for clients will be important as these technologies become the IT implementation standard, especially given the speed and scale of deployment we have seen of these technologies thus far. With all of these changes, the ability to have highly skilled engineering and IT staffs will be increasingly important, not just in the daily maintenance and operations of the data center, but also as clients expect more managed services and engagement towards their network, hardware and application level architecture and integration. The IT strategy of most companies, and hence their focus in their data center search, is toward lower total cost of ownership, availability of applications, services offered, and risk management.
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Bruce Myatt

Brian Janous

Peter Feldman

2:35 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Critical Facilities Roundtable Panel: Alternative and Renewal Power for Off-Grid Computing

Bruce Myatt, Executive Vice President, The Data Centers LLP
Panelist: Brian Janous, Utility Architect – Data Center Advanced Development Global Foundation Services, Microsoft
Panelist: Peter Feldman, CEO and Principal, DataGryd

Panelist: Robert H. Krizman, President, The Data Centers, LLC

Gain insight on “Alternative Energy” and “Off Grid Computing” facilities now in operation and in development. You will hear CFRT members that represent internet, technology companies and independent developers discuss data center independence from traditional power generation and the electrical grid.

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Jon Langshaw

Suneet Nandwani

3:30 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.
Presentation Topic: eBay's OpenStratus Private Cloud

Jon Langshaw, Director Product Management, Compute & Data Infrastructure (CDI), eBay
Speaker: Suneet Nandwani, Director, Cloud Engineering, eBay

This presentation will cover ebay Marketplaces journey in building a private cloud and working to integrate and leverage OpenStack. Ebay began building a private cloud a few years ago to provide agility to development and evolve operations within Marketplaces. The team ran through multiple iterations of the solution focusing on IaaS and PaaS concepts before looking to Open Source to evolve the offering. At this point "Stratus" is working on the cutting edge to integrate new OpenStack features into the OpenStratus platform.
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Track C: Emerging Technologies

KC Mares

10:00 p.m. - 10:40 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our Data Centers

KC Mares, President & CEO, MegaWatt Consulting and CTO of Unique Infrastructure Group

Data center designs have evolved significantly over the last few years -- the focus on reliability, locations and new technologies has dramatically changed from what were the standards only a few years ago. Energy efficiency in data centers has become a key objective in the designs of today. KC will discuss these recent trends, emerging trends and new technologies that may change the designs of future data centers and hardware.
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Brian Mata

Trent K. Tanaka

David Smith
11:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.
Presentation Topic: The Promise of Technology vs. The Reality

Brian Mata, Audiovisual Design Manager, TELADATA
Panelist: Trent K. Tanaka, Director of Audiovisual Technology, Information Resources and Technology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Panelist: David Smith, Director, Technical Operations, Financial Engines

From unified communications to audiovisual systems, workplace technologies are rapidly changing. Organizations are often faced with the complex task of deciding which technologies to deploy, what they will cost to maintain and implement, and whether or not they will improve bottom-line productivity. Some technology deployments are big wins, while others can fail to live up to the promise of the technology once they are in a live environment. This moderated end-user panel discussion will focus on some of the real-world challenges and considerations surrounding this process.
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Ed Spears
1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Eaton
Presentation Topic:
Harmonic Management in Energy Saver System UPS

Speaker: Ed Spears, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Eaton

Multi-mode UPS systems offering an Energy Saver System deliver efficiency performance of 99% consistently across the load range. The market acceptance of this technology is driving new requirements in areas where harmonics may be a concern. These include containerized modules, sites with utility restrictions on harmonic content, and non-linear loads supported by the critical bus. Advancements are underway to combine harmonic mitigation, load balancing, and power factor correction with the Energy Saver System. This new technology can be imbedded in the UPS, eliminating the need for separate filters or transformers. Where harmonics are an issue, it improves the active window for Energy Saver mode, maintaining the highest efficiency levels and reducing cable heating and penalties for poor power.
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Christina Clark

Ed Pate

Jeremy Neuner

Louis Schump
1:40 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Innovations in Corporate Real Estate Facilities Design

Christina Clark, Vice President, Wixen Real Estate, Inc.
Ed Pate, Senior Real Estate & Facilities Manager, Lab126
Panelist: Jeremy Neuner, Co-Founder and (R)evolutionary-in-Chief, NextSpace
Panelist: Louis Schump, LEED AP BD+C, Vice President, Senior Interior Designer

New generations of employees are emerging with expectations to be constantly connected. How do you design a space that is adaptable to support new technologies and maintain corporate culture? This panel discussion will highlight trends that are driving innovations in facilities designs, improving workplace productivity, policies, and alternative workplace strategies.
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Matt Price

Robert Ule

2:35 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Building-Wide Applications of People-Centric Data: Benefits of Responsive Buildings

Matt Price, VP Channel Development, Enlighted
Speaker: Robert Ule, Global Energy Manager, JDSU

We live in an age when everything from our cars to our phones are customized, sensing, and communicating. Yet, when it comes to our buildings - physical structures that are meant to support and the people and functions they serve - we lack the same level of personal responsiveness and customizability. Looking at best practices from facility and real estate teams of Fortune 500 companies, we will explore how new people-centric intelligence can be collected and used to not only fine-tune and customize our building systems for savings, comfort, but also present a wealth of new business-wide applications for better informed decision-making and lower occupancy costs.
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Eric Stromberg

Randy Marcotte

Michael Nann

3:30 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.
Presentation Topic: Mobile Technologies Disrupting Your Facility

Eric Stromberg, VP Search Service Engineering, Yahoo!
Randy Marcotte, Director of Sales, PerfectCV
Panelist: Michael Nann, WBE, Near-Field Communication

New & emerging technologies such as Near Field Communications and Mobile Video Conferencing platforms are impacting the traditional design of a facilities building infrastructure. Hear from panelists representing some of these technologies and their implications.

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2013 Ending Keynote Panel Discussion

Sherry Gubera

Allan Leinwand

Michael Hirahara

Indu Kodukula
4:30 p.m. - 5:10 p.m.
Topic: The Future of Building Infrastructure
Blurring the Boundaries of Corporate Real Estate, Information Technology and Cloud Computing

Moderator: Sherry Gubera, VP, CORNISH & CAREY COMMERCIAL Newmark Knight Frank
Panelist: Allan Leinwand, VP and CTO, Platform Development, ServiceNow, Inc.
Panelist: Michael Hirahara, VP, Global Real Estate, Facilities & Services, Brocade
Panelist: Indu Kodukula, COO, Limelight Networks

Learn from our panel of experts how boundaries will become blurred in the future. We will discuss how applications will become more integrated with infrastructure, how business units will become more holistic as it relates to their budgets and how the experts manage always-connected users. Hear more on future trends for the enterprise and business solutions that you can put into practice.