This panel session will focus on past and emerging workplace trends. While alternative workplace strategies are not new, they have expanded dramatically in the last five years and expect that this workplace evolution will continue but will take on different characteristics that tenants will need to anticipate.

At this point, after so many workplaces have gone the “office of the future” route, and so many additional companies are considering major relocation renovations, it is time to reflect on what we’ve learned about past experiences and how this can inform future decisions. This session will address the benefits of technology and cost-cutting/size reduction programs but also the need for privacy and amenities that entice employees to return to the office and enjoy a “work, live, play” environment.

Specifically, this panel discussion will address the following workplace evolution trends:

  • Economic drivers
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Mobility
  • Shrinking office size
  • Pushbacks
  • Change management
  • Recruiting and retention
  • Sustainability