Leading up to the events of 9/11, it was possible for individuals to copy a credential and present it as their own – it’s what happened on 9/11.

These events prompted a paradigm shift, and presidential directive (HSPD-12) was issued, calling for a mandatory, government-wide, reliable and secure credential that authenticates and validates on every level of architecture that’s put in place vs. multiple, disparate credential systems previously deployed.

These same issues currently plague much of the commercial sector where security is a concern, with multiple, unencrypted credentials often needed to access multiple sites within an organization. With a federated and encrypted security approach, it’s now possible to dynamically manage security levels of individuals world-wide across all of an organization’s locations in real-time, drastically improving security.

This presentation explores the credentials solution deployed at the Pentagon, and how these new technologies and capabilities can be applied in the commercial sector.