Current on-boarding time for racks is about 24 business days. This session highlights how eBay redefined their on-boarding efficiency time for standard racks to 24 hours across eBay’s 3 core datacenter regions in PHX, SLC and LVS. This project highlights successes by utilizing Dynamic Asset Tracking.

The Dynamic Asset Tracking (DAT) initiative is intended to enable physical asset receiving, audit, inventory, etc. in real time by integrating Raritan asset management hardware and TRACE asset data repository (TMA). Automating the transfer of asset data from racks to TRACE would minimize the need for site services to manually scan each asset to set parent tag, location, status, condition, rack unit and blade slot number in TMA. The overall objective is to deploy an asset management system capable of reducing the amount of time to deploy new assets when delivered to a data center, for asset moves/disposals and improve the accuracy of assets in the eBay asset database.