Samsung Device Solutions America’s (DSA) Headquarters Building Project Case Study

Chris Feduniw, Sr. Director IT- R&D DS BI Group at Samsung
Geary Johnson, Senior Manager of America Facilities at Samsung

In August 2015, Samsung consolidated its America’s headquarters from four separate sites into a brand new, state-of-the-art, 10 story building. This new building includes all the amenities you’d expect to see at large Silicon Valley corporate headquarters, including a broad range of smart, connected appliances, a highly collaborative and innovative workforce environment, and a 9100 Sq. Foot data center.

This insightful presentation will review the overall scope of the project, and will be divided generally into 3 topics:

  • Goals – What were the business goals when designing the building?
  • Process of the Move – With the complexity of the move from four locations to one new location, how was this achieved, and how did we stay on schedule? (i.e. how we conducted the data center, R&D lab and people moves)
  • Lessons Learned from the Project – From and IT and facilities management perspective, what did we do right, and what were the lessons learned?