These are complicated times we live in. Technology is changing every year, and the rate of change is only increasing. Every day, companies are offering new products and software that can do new things, and which promise to impact our lives in a significant ways.

Navigating this environment can sometimes be a challenge. For all of technology’s promise, there are plenty of pitfalls that can trip you along the way. This is true especially when we are building out a new facility. In addition to the considerations of the technology itself we have to worry about manufacturers and vendors we’ll rely on, building considerations, cost, schedule, integrating into the networked environment, architectural impact, furniture, security and reliability concerns, the enterprise software environment, and providing a consistent and intuitive End User experience.

For today’s panel, we thought it might be fun to talk in real terms about some of the difficulties involved with designing and managing technology deployments. To confess some mistakes, and evaluate some of the lessons we have learned through our combined experience.