Increasingly data center owners and operators are being asked to evaluate the effectiveness or efficiency of different solutions and that decisions be data driven rather than based upon presumption or emotion. This results in the term “Total Cost of Ownership” being thrown around as if it is a lifesaver in the storm of indecision, and to often with little understanding in what or how it is being calculated.

Serena DeVito from eBay’s Global Foundation Services has developed a data model that has become the cornerstone for Total Cost of Ownership modeling and has been used as a basis for modeling everything from – compare the efficiency of different server platforms – evaluate different technology refresh time frames – dialing in the sweet spot for data center deployments based upon density – applying different cooling technologies.

In this presentation, Serena will share the concept, methodology and the basis for how eBay is calculating the costs associated with data center space and usage, and how these can then be used to help answer the omnipresent question of “are we making the right decision?”